Whether you believe in God, karma, Krishna, yoga, positive vibes, or simply good intentions, think of this as a place to recharge. Everyone needs something to fall back on, and ultimately, I believe there is something beyond our present state of being. Everyone is different of course, but this section will focus on activities, events, or thoughts that might comfort or soothe the soul.


While previously scoffed at, our family has a newfound appreciation for meditation. Taking the time to relax, breathe, and be one with yourself is an important part of healing as well as coping with the illness itself. Meditation audio recordings can help to guide your practice. Try taking a warm bath and then meditating right before you go to sleep, this will help calm your nerves and recover from the stress of the day.

(Hot) Yoga 

Personally, I find hot yoga to be the best way for me to de-stress. The intensity of the heat helps direct your focus and become in tuned to your body. As you sweat, you release toxins and stress and come away feeling rejuvenated.  Beginners, students, and seniors can often get discounted rates. I have participated in Moksha yoga and find the atmosphere to be calm and welcoming, so don’t worry if you’re new and haven’t tried it before. If hot yoga just isn’t for you, yoga has many similar benefits and can often be practiced at your local gym.

Attend a Place of Worship 

At this time, you might find comfort in strengthening your connection to your beliefs, whatever those may be. Go to Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, or be outside in nature. The shared sense of community and support can help you to recharge and you can take solstice in the warm messages you come away with. Consider the positive aspects of institutionalized religion and relish in them. If this isn’t for you,  try taking a quiet walk and engage with nature. This can be equally, or sometimes more, refreshing than the alternative. 


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