Dealing with disease such as cancer can be consuming and there are times when our energy is just not there, or not as positive as we might hope. This section will address emotional aspects of support and how our family has been coping. I hope that you find these posts to be honest. At times like these, it is often in the little things where we find inspiration and strength.


Reading can be a ways of escape, an inspiration, or simply, a distraction. So at times like these, why not pick up a book and learn something, change the way you see the world, perhaps, you can leave the world completely, at least for a little while. A personal recommendation is Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, that tracks a neurosurgeons journey into the afterlife and back. Slowly but surely, each of my family members has read this book and it has provided a comfort about what is beyond. Buy it here: http://www.amazon.ca/Proof-Heaven-Neurosurgeons-Journey-Afterlife/dp/1451695195


It doesn’t have to be a journal, or a blog, though it can be if you want, it could be an original short story or fan fiction of your favourite TV show. Regardless of what it is, writing can help you to sort out your thoughts, hopes, and fears. Alternatively, it can provide a meaningful distraction from present circumstances and you come away with something tangible. Whether you want to burn the evidence, send it into cyber space, or to a publishing company is completely up to you.


Make a point to still do as many things that you can that will make you laugh. Laughter is an amazing medicine that can heal even the deepest of scars. It also releases positive endorphins that make us actually feel better. Just because you or your loved one is sick, doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun! Call up a few friends or curl up and watch a few episodes of your favourite comedy. The tension you have previously been feeling will melt away, at least temporarily.


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