The Role of Friendship During Crisis

For some reason, when shit hits the fan and life doesn’t quite go our way, it is often our closest friends that we turn to for support. Now, these aren’t just any friends, these are the people who come running towards trouble, for YOU. They aren’t bound by blood or obligation, they simply care, and in a world where good friends are hard to find, that’s something pretty special.

Different friends help in different ways and each can be equally important. I see my moms face light up when her friends stop by, and she does have the most amazing friends. Sometimes there are things that you just can’t, or don’t want to tell your significant other, parent, or child. There are some things, that are reserved for ‘movie nights,’ ‘sleepless sleepovers,’ and ‘never ending phone calls.’ Often, however, it’s the small things our friends do that make them even more special, they care about our families, they’ll pick us up from the airport, or send us a random text that brightens our day. They make us laugh when we are sad and remind us not to say or do silly things (at least in public). And when we need it, our friends are comfortable just being there and not saying a word.

And now, to lighten the mood, check out these 100 year old best friends: