Good Karma

If karma is a thing, and I believe it is, my neighbors will have tons of good karma! Our neighbors, some we’ve known for years, some we’ve never met have been amazingly supportive throughout this whole process.

Unbeknownst to us until after it was implemented, our neighbours came together to lend a helping hand. The Angel Network (as they call themselves) is comprised of kind hearts and warm smiles. The network created a meal schedule for us; frequently dropping off warm, home cooked dinners. As you can imagine, this was undoubtedly helpful and it never stopped! The Angel Network is particularly helpful when we need them the most, if mom is in the hospital, or we are having a rough week. The support we have had is overwhelming and I cannot say thank-you enough.

In addition to helping with meals, the Angel Network also brought many gifts leading up to Christmas. Often the card was simply signed, “Angel # 9,” these self-less acts of kindness never failed to bring a smile to my moms face, and occasionally, a tear. Neighborhood kids often stop by to walk our dog, or to help shovel the driveway. These acts might seem small if looked at on an individual basis, but at times like this every little thing helps, and adds up to become one BIG thing.

 Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you Angel Network! I will always remember your kindness. I hope one day (though not due to similar circumstances) I can return the favour and that the karma gods treat you all like Kings and Queens.


Say Cheese!


I have this theory that you should always, ALWAYS, smile at babies and old people. Babies know nothing of the pain and suffering the world may bring. Your smile helps to protect them from that for as long as possible. The elderly, have seen and learnt so much, they have loved and lost, and for that, they deserve a smile to warm their heart. (I also can’t help but always smile at people buying flowers but that’s besides the point). Today a baby visited our home. My mom has always adored babies (ones we know or otherwise, much to my pre-teen horror), so you can imagine her delight when this baby arrived! Babies have an innocence about them that offers up inspiration for a brighter tomorrow.

Photo credit: Laura Twomey – Laura Twomey Photograpy